Sadly Audrey, our longest serving parish councillor, passed away in June and will be greatly missed by her fellow councillors. She had served her community through her membership of the Parish Council for over 40 years, including a long period as Clerk in the 1980s and then as Chairman in the 1990s. She was always fair and considered in her views on the many matters that came before the Parish Council. I found her advice concise and to the point and almost invariably right. In recent years, in spite of her failing health, she continued to attend most of our meetings and was always ready to discuss a difficult issue facing us even when she was unable to attend the meeting. One of my lasting memories will be the occasion when she was taken ill during a meeting when we were discussing a particularly controversial planning application and as she was taken out to the ambulance she was heard to say “I must vote before I go”. This perfectly illustrated her determination to do her duty. She will be sadly missed.

David Kerr, Chairman.

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