Load of Rubbish? Advice to prevent fly-tipping

As part of Nettleton Parish Council’s ongoing drive to combat fly-tipping, we met a member of Wiltshire Council’s small but busy Highways & Environment Enforcement Team to find out how we can help prevent fly-tipping. Peter had some really helpful insights into the issue – flagging amongst other things how innocent householders and businesses could be accidentally contributing to the problem by engaging “rogue traders”.

These are the people who offer to remove waste and tip it for a knock-down price – only to dump the waste illegally and pocket the cash.

Professional waste carriers have to have to register and obtain a waste carriers licence. And they don’t use householders re-cycling centres. They use sites for commercial disposal because when they remove waste from a property for money it is a commercial transaction – whether it’s a home or a business.

If your waste is identified – even if you didn’t personally fly-tip it – you could be liable for a fixed penalty notice of £400 and prosecuted.  Yet tipping a white vanload of waste legally could cost around £100. So, the next time you think you need help disposing of waste remember to:

  • Conduct checks to ensure your waste is being removed by authorised persons. You can ask to see the licence, check online by visiting: by calling the Environment Agency on 03708 506506
  • You can ask for a receipt detailing where the waste is going and the waste carrier’s licence number. This is a legal obligation for businesses but householders are also advised to request this information. And remember, if they say they are using the Household Recycling Centre they are committing offences
  • If you have concerns but have already handed over the waste, make a note of the model, colour and registration number of the vehicle and a description of the persons removing the waste
  • If it involves scrap metal collection, check that the person who is taking the waste has an upper tier waste carriers licence and a scrap metal collectors licence issued by Wiltshire Council

The most effective way to report fly-tipping is via the council’s online reporting App – My Wiltshire which can be downloaded at:

You can also contact one of your councillors or telephone Wiltshire Council on 0300 4560100.