Walk on the Wild Side

Nettleton Parish councillors, especially the team in Burton, have been campaigning for some time against the hazardous conditions residents and walkers face when traveling from the village to Acton Turville on foot. We know it’s a popular destination with the school, shop/ post office, church and pub among the attractions, and have suggested various options to Wiltshire Council in a bid to slow traffic down.

NPC is particularly concerned about the section where Hillside joins The Street and heads up towards the motorway bridge, where the pavement disappears. Negotiations are still underway, but some intrepid trekking has established a route for those happy to walk on the wild side – provided they have stout boots or wellies!

The cross-country footpath takes you through pastures, paddocks and no doubt boggy ground after the heavy rain of recent months. You will probably have to duck under an electric fence and navigate your way over a stile and through a field gate, but it is a designated footpath and you are entitled to walk it. The footpath is a mix of Wiltshire Footpath NETT32 and South Gloucestershire’s LAT6, with some parts of it in LAT5. It starts in Burton on The Street, in the 30mph zone of the village with a clear signpost and ends in Acton Turville by the 20mph sign.

See the image, copyright  or contact Councillor Chris Meier for more details