Held at The Burton Farm and Tea rooms, Burton 14th October 2021 at 7pm. 

PRESENT: - Cllrs Meier, Minney, Howey (via Zoom), Dafforn, Graves, Kurle, Webb, Lamb

Apologises: - Cllr Clarke

Members of the Public. Nick Botterill





Apologies for Absence.  Cllr Clarke and Parish Clerk Sheila Parker



Declarations of Councillors personal and prejudicial interest in any Agenda item.   None.



Chairman’s Announcements. 

Chair asked councillors what they thought of new meeting venue. Response was generally positive with some reservations regarding heating in winter months. Chair explained that the venue owner was planning to install a form of hot air ducted heating in the near future

Please could Cllrs send Cllr Meier a photo of themselves for the NPC website to make us more visible to our residents.


Chair also raised the need for a guidance document on meeting activity action so in absence of clerk the required actions can be executed by Cllrs.


All – send head and shoulders photo to CM



Clerk to create simple “run through” of pre meeting actions


Approval of Minutes of the meeting on the 9th September 2021. 

Minutes approved Cllr Webb proposed and Cllr Lamb seconded



Update on Actions from previous meeting

No further forward on defibrillator in Nettleton phone box as British Heart Foundation grants have not yet resumed – roll forward with Cllr  Kurle keeping an eye on BHF position.

Nick B has heard nothing further from WC re access to digital mapping. We’d like training on how to use it – Nick B to find out. Argos system used for planning.




Public Participation.  WC Councillor Nick Botterill



Planning Applications.  PL/2021/08574 The Old Rectory, Church Hill, Burton, SN14 7LS.  Demolition of outbuildings and replacement garaging continuation of existing access track – Approved with conditions

Chair to update WC planning portal with response


Planning Applications Determined.





Finance Matters.  

a)      Approve payment of £84.00 to Idverde for emptying new bins.  Cllr. Meier proposed we pay this once we have confirmed they are emptied as per the agreement.  Seconded by Cllr. Howey all approved.

b)      Cllr Meier also conformed that he has paid for the 14/10/21 meeting agenda laminations and new Cllr training , the costs of which will be submitted to the clerk for reimbursement.










Highway Report. 

Discussion about trees which fell overnight in winds 26-27 September in Parish generally but in particular when ownership of land is unknown.

Cllr Dafforn  to do land registry search about piece of land where tree fell on car at bottom of Woodlane , Cllr Meier to talk to car owner and footpath officer for update on situation

All Cllrs to bring map/identify where in their locality dangerous trees are located where no clear ownership information is available.


Parish Steward continues to tackle issues particularly re. drainage. Cllr Dafforn reminded Cllrs to contact her with any highways repair , drainage or  obstruction issues


Resilience plan update from Cllr Dafforn – a lot of work has gone into this but additional work still needed ie names for key roles in each hamlet


Grit, gel, traffic signs etc now stored in open access barn behind Burton coffee shop. 20 gel sacs to be given to each house in Burton which susceptible to flooding.


If a resident brings up a footpath issue, refer them to Cllr Meier who will refer them to the appropriate Cotswold footpath warden


Discussion about how to communicate in an emergency. West Kington have particular problems with mobile signal.



Cllr. Dafforn




All Cllrs



All Cllrs




All Cllrs



Cllr Minney







Environment and Biodiversity

Cllrs Meier and Howey updated the meeting on how a public consultation on WC Climate Change Strategy has been publicised to the whole parish.

Two pilot wildflower verges have been cleared of vegetation and seeded. at selected sites in Nettleton

Nick B stated that NPC could be an exemplar as we are one of the first to do this. There will be some flexibility in WC verge cutting in the future and that there is a desire to promote biodiversity within WC.

Cllr Meier said this was an example of actions not words and would be publicised with a view to inspire others. He thanked the volunteers who carried out the work.

Cllr Meier and Howey will meet David Arnup from WC Highways next Wednesday to clarify any legal issues and ensure the activity is compatible with WC re the wildflower verge pilots












Cllrs Meier and Howey


Reports on Meetings & Events. 

Cllr Meier – September CATG meeting - speed restriction changes in  Burton are Priority 1 but still moving slowly on Nettleton rd to Burton triangle application. A proposal for a change in the speed limits coming out of Burton will require NPC to pay a contribution to WC survey costs


Cllr Dafforn  reminded Cllrs about Community Resilience Event coming up via online access.


Cllr Meier to update at next meeting


Cllr Dafforn to send information/link



Emails. Agreed that if Cllrs don’t wish to use their personal email address for parish council business then they can use the clerk’s NPC one clerk@nettleton-pc.gov.uk   Cllr Meier to inform clerk.

Cllr Web advised there are likely to be delays on the Gigaclear rural broadband installation work for Burton and Nettleton.


Cllr Meier


Date and Time of next meetings.   November 11th 2021  7.00pm , Burton Farm shop and tea rooms.



Meeting closed 20.45